Pursuing Our Mission

We receive dozens of requests for funding each year. Our Board of Trustees prioritizes each one, supporting those that best match our mission. Read on to see if your request fits.

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Our Funding Priorities

Supporting educational opportunities and spreading knowledge around the globe, including continuing education, K-12 students, teachers, academics, university-level students and the general public.

Educating the public on key aspects of geoscience and petroleum geology through opportunities such as the sponsorship, training and support of teachers in their efforts to bring more geology-related topics to classrooms.

Encouraging the study of geosciences at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Recognizing and rewarding outstanding efforts in teaching earth sciences at the K-12 and university levels.

Providing access to archived geoscience digital library collections to educators, students, professionals and the general public.

Communicating swiftly changing technological advances to the geological community through journals and special publications.

Funding future-oriented projects that help society through a better understanding of geology—especially petroleum geology. Includes programs that expose the public to world-renowned geoscientists and training teachers in earth sciences.

Supporting research projects within the geosciences. For information, contact a Foundation Representative at (918) 560-2644 or email us below.

Funding Factors

However, some proposals are given a higher priority if they meet certain criteria including those:

  • Serving a wide geographic region or audience.
  • Having a scope larger than a single school, community or classroom.
  • Greater than $5,000.
  • Used as "seed money" as opposed to needing yearly, ongoing funding.
  • Not more likely or logically be funded by another entity.
  • Focused primarily on the geosciences.
  • In the public interest and suitable for publication by AAPG.



Requests outside the scope of our mission will not be considered. We don’t support political or religious organizations or activities. We don’t provide grants to private foundations, to cover past operating deficits or debt retirements, or to fund proposals of a commercial nature (income-producing for the applicant).

Also generally not considered:

  • Convention/conference travel expenses
  • Secretarial services
  • Construction costs
  • Equipment
  • Storage
  • Field camps/trips
  • Sabbatical


Give us a call at +1-918-560-2644 or email us